It might seem a bit much to have a whole page devoted to brownies, but there are so many different kinds! I’m a bit short of photos just now (shucks, I’ll have to bake some more) but my repertoire includes brownies with fudge pieces, brownies with pecan nuts or pistachio nuts, brownies with cranberries and mini marshmallows, brownies with a hint of orange and spice, brownies with lots and lots of chocolate,… To place an order please visit the HOW TO ORDER page.

chocolate brownies topped with mini marshmallows and drizzled with milk chocolate

Rocky Road brownies with mini marshmallows £6 for 12 or £12 for 24

Brownies with Fudge Pieces

Brownies with fudge pieces £6 for 12, £12 for 24

Chocolate Brownies £4 for 12, £8 for 24

Chocolate Brownies £4 for 12, £8 for 24

chocolate peanut brownie with peanut butter frosting

peanut butter brownies £12 (12 pieces or 24 small squares)

chocolate brownie with pistachios

Chocolate Brownie with Pistachios £20 for 24 (£10 for 12)

White chocolate raspberry cheesecake brownies

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies £20 for 24 (£10 for 12)

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