Party & Novelty Cakes

I used to tell my children they could have any cake in the book (of easy party cakes). Now there is so much help online I am a bit more adventurous. But I don’t do artistic modelling with fondant icing – too challenging! The servings are approximate. For children’s cakes I have assumed fairly small servings. Larger versions of most cakes are also possible. To order cake please visit the HOW TO ORDER page.

a mega cake with rainbow layers, pink buttercream frosting and chocolate topping, with an inverted ice cream cone

ice cream cone cake £26 (serves 20)

Gymnastics Cake £12 (serves 12)

Gymnastics Cake £12 (serves 12)

50th birthday cake

50th birthday cake £15


sponge cake (Victoria or chocolate) with butter cream icing and garden decorations

garden cake £12 (serves 12)

21 today!

21 today! (or 18, 40, 90, etc.!) £6 (serves 8-10)

Flower Basket Cake £20 (serves 10)

Flower Basket Cake £20 (serves 10)

Chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing and white chocolate calculator buttons

Calculator Cake £7 (serves 12)

Cars £15 (serves 10)

Cars £15 (serves 10)

Swimming pool cake

Swimming pool cake £9 (serves 20)


fort £26 (serves 15-20)

fort with soldiers

fort with soldiers £26 (serves 15-20)

Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty! £14 (serves 12)

Princess castle

Princess castle £10 (serves 10-12)

Peppa Pig Cake

Peppa Pig Cake £9 (serves 20)

Dolphin cake (dolphin not included in price!)

Dolphin cake £6 (dolphin not included in price!) (serves 8-10)

When I'm 64

When I’m 64 £6 (serves 8-10)

Tanks £12 (serves 10)

Tanks £12 (serves 10)

Sampler Cake

Sampler Cake with toblerone frame, £14, serves 12-15

Ice Skate Cake £12 (serves 10)

Ice Skate Cake £12 (serves 10)

Hovercraft Cake £15 (serves 12)

Hovercraft Cake £25 (serves 20)

Beach Hut

Beach Hut £8 (serves 8-10)

Congratulations Cake

Congratulations Cake £9 (serves 12)

You can choose your base cake.

Ponies Cake £8 (serves 8-10)

Layered sponge cake in rainbow colours sandwiched with buttercream icing

Rainbow Cake £20 (serves 20)

sponge cake (Victoria or chocolate) with buttercream icing, soft brown sugar, and a marzipan pyramid

desert cake with pyramid £10 (serves 12) (contains NUTS) (camel not included)

Sponge Cake with doll

Pretty Lady Cake £8 (serves 8-10) (doll not included!)

baseball cap

baseball cap £10 (serves 8)

Cake with royal icing and a dumbell on top

Keep Fit Cake £10 (serves 10)

gluten free chocolate cake with cream snowscape and Lego Star Wars figures

Battle of Hoth Cake £12 (serves 10-12) (Lego figures not included!)

robot cake

robot cake £10 (serves 8)

Chocolate cake with assorted dinosaurs

Dinosaur Cake £16 (serves 15-20)

chocolate cake with asymmetric bars

Gymnastics Cake £12 (serves 12)

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