Seasonal Specials (Christmas, Easter, etc.)

Here are some special cakes for Christmas, Easter, etc. To order cake please visit the HOW TO ORDER page.

chocolate cake with chocolate filling and frosting, decorated with chocolate filled mini eggs

Easter Chocolate Cake £10.50 (serves 12)

Decadent Easter Torte

Decadent Easter Torte £22 (serves 12)

lemon cupcakes with dried fruit and marzipan balls

fruity lemon Simnel cupcakes £7 for 12

Easter nests

Easter nests £5 for 12, £2.50 for 6

Simnel Cake (fruit cake with marzipan balls) £27 (serves 16)

Simnel Cake (fruit cake with marzipan balls) £27 (serves 16)

Chocolate Simnel Cake

Chocolate Simnel Cake with marzipan balls £16 (serves 16-20)

Room on the Broom

Halloween Cake (“Room on the Broom”) £8 (serves 8-10)

This one is a carrot cake inside but other cakes are also possible

Halloween Cake (Witch’s or Wizard’s Hat) £10 (serves 8-10)


round chocolate orange cake with flame-coloured butter icing and chocolate flake logs

Bonflake Cake £13 (serves 12-16)

Bonflake cake with a slice cut out to reveal marbled chocolate-orange interior

Bonflake Cake (peek inside!) £13 (serves 12-16)


Chocolate Christmas Tree Cake

Chocolate Christmas Tree Cake £10 (serves 16)

Yule Log

Yule Log £6 (serves 6-8)

chocolate log with dried fruit

chocolate log with dried fruit in syrup, cream cheese filling topped with chocolate cream £20 (serves eight)